Alcohol, How much until it becomes harmful?

how much until it become harmful1. Recommendation for alcohol consumption: Standard alcoholic beverages have 10 grams of pure alcohol in it, no more and no less. The amount of alcohol one can drink before it becomes harmful surprised me. Men, in a week, can consume up to 21 serves; meanwhile, for women, 14 serves. However, there are some restrictions to the mentioned standard. During the week, one must spend one day at least sober. For those who are occasional drinkers, no more than 4 serves in one occasion. The restrictions go on to apply on trivial issues such as drink & drive, pregnant women, working with danger-potential heavy machinery, and those who are on certain medications.

2. Harmful Drinking: That`s when one violates the recommendation for safe drinking. The complications of such alcohol usage can be categorized into short term (violence, accidents, and ethylic coma) and long term (cirrhosis, cancer, and psychiatric disorders).

3. Alcohol Dependence: Inability to obtain pleasure in activities they used to enjoy. The compulsive urge to drink even after the establishment of health complications. The inability to reduce or quit by oneself. The high tolerance to the psychoactive substance. The list goes on.


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